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In the preceding article we've explained in detail how to find and interpret the various codes and ID numbers found on Chevrolet muscle cars. Here's a quick, down-and-dirty summary to the codes and where they're located.

Engine codes:
Located on a machined pad on the front passenger side of the block. Reading the codes is as follows:

Date Codes:
The location of date codes will vary by component. The codes used on blocks, heads and, except for some aluminum intakes cast by Winters Industries, intake manifolds are in a consistent format which is as follows:


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CAMARO ENGINE CODES: The following table shows block codes for Camaro engines only from 1967-77. Engine codes for manual transmissions cars are in bold type. Automatic transmission engine codes are in plain type, and Torque-Drive codes are italicized. The UPC code was the internal identification code.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL OTHER CHEVROLET ENGINE CODES LISTED: Manual transmission engine codes are in bold type, and automatic transmission engine codes are in regular type.

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